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Always wanted to buy your dream home abroad?

The sharply rising prices make it interesting to buy and invest in real estate in Indonesia. You can buy from 89,000 euros a villa with garden and private pool on the tropical island of Bali in the middle of the graceful, colorful rice fields.

JARFIS Property Group is your partner to find your holiday home or investment project. For the purchase or realization of your home, hotel, resort in Indonesia, we work together with well-known brokers and project developers. We also offer investors opportunities to make their money profitable by co-investing in our own projects that we develop ourselves.

JARFIS is a combination of 'JARingan FInancial Services'. 'Jaringan' means 'Network' in Indonesian. Our Indonesian roots combined with our passion and experience in financial services and real estate has made us decide to join forces. We support local charities in Indonesia as we donate a part of our turnover.

The Indian lotus is incorporated in our logo. The lotus is a symbol of purity in Hinduism and Buddhism. To us, operating with integrity and purity are the most important spearheads for realizing your foreign dreams.

You are welcome at our office but we can also visit you for a meeting to get to know each other. JARFIS Property Group offers a Dutch-, Indonesian- or English-spoken service during every step of the process and operates from the Netherlands and Indonesia.

We work together with specialists with years of experience in the real estate market and are paid by them for the guidance of our buyers. We receive a guidance fee for a successful purchase and are therefore not on the payroll of our partners.

This gives you 2 important advantages:

1. We operate independently and for this reason can offer properties from various partners that match your budget and your wishes.

2. There is no difference in purchase price if you buy directly from our local partners or through us. This allows you to make free use of our existing network, our knowledge, experience and of course, our guidance in which we guide you from A to Z.

JARFIS Property Group has several partners, which means we have a very extensive range of properties and possible investments. You can make it as hands-off as you want. We can completely take care of the purchase, possible rental, renovation, but also furnishing, maintenance and project realization.

Do you have equity on your home in the Netherlands?

Within our team we have the expertise to extract your equity so that you can realize your purchase in Bali.

We start with a first introduction to find out what your needs are. Think of your budget, your desired region and type of home. We are also curious about your experience and wishes regarding outsourcing the realization and/or purchase of your home abroad.

Have you become enthusiastic and would you like us to get to work for you?

Then the next step is to sign your contract for our services and pay the starting fee of 500 euros incl. VAT. As a result, we are assured of your sincere interest and you are assured of our commitment to make the process a success. You will receive this amount back from us with the future purchase.

Based on your wishes we will connect you with the right local representative. These representatives have local market knowledge and are aware of the local laws and regulations. An absolute must for buying real estate abroad. Based on the match and the search query, the search results will be discussed with you. In this phase you have enough time to ask questions about the homes and a selection can be made which homes you want to view.

JARFIS Property Group or one of our local partners will receive you and view the properties or projects you are interested in together with you. By viewing several properties, you can make a better comparison in order to make a good choice.

Congratulations, you have found your dream home! Our local partners, in collaboration with JARFIS Property Group will guide you through the process to make the purchase financially and legally smooth and carefree.

Realizing your own resort or (passively) investing in projects?  We can help with that too. Our network consists of renowned contractors and project developers. With our investment and brokerage background, we are the right party to guide you from start to finish with your investment and/or own project.


• • • • •

Koos Lefeberis responsible for the sales guidance of real estate in Indonesia within the JARFIS Property Group. He has set up various companies in both the Netherlands and Indonesia and therefore has a large business network in both countries. He is also the “Founder/Founder” of the 'Indo Business Club' in the Netherlands in which entrepreneurs with Indian roots can find and strengthen each other. Given his experience as an entrepreneur, he can assist both entrepreneurs and private individuals with the purchase of real estate in Indonesia. 

Jeff Boltewas born in Jakarta but moved to the Netherlands with his parents as a baby. His focus within JARFIS Property Group is on purchase guidance for and realizing the dream of our customers to be able to buy a (second) home financially. He has a strong network in Spain and with over 30 years of experience in the world of financial services, the last 15 of which have been entirely in mortgage advice, Jeff is the right person to help you with this. 

Panggih Sudarsonois engaged in the purchase of real estate in Indonesia and maintains contacts with our Indonesian partners. Panggih was born and raised in Indonesia and speaks fluent Bahasa Indonesia. Networking is second nature to Panggih. That is why he has a large network in Indonesia, in particular in Java and Bali. In addition, he has his own villas on his favorite island and because of his experience, he can properly supervise the realization and purchase. Accessible and result-oriented, he is involved in the day-to-day operations of JARFIS Property Group and he thinks along about strategic and tactical matters. 

Danai van Lith is responsible for guiding investors who want to start or expand abroad. With his experience as a property investor and entrepreneur in the Netherlands and abroad, he can use his experience and expertise to assist our clients in finding a good balance between risk and return. He has a healthy dose of humor, is helpful and is always open to new challenges. Danai has its own network in Spain and will also look for new projects and partners in Indonesia.  

Eric M. Kühr is our Operations Manager for JARFIS Property Group. This solution-oriented go-getter oversees the day-to-day running of our office. Spontaneous, curious and goal-oriented. Child of Indonesian parents, who has run his own real estate agency for years and has a large network in Bali. Eric has his own villa on this enchanting island. For this reason, he is jointly responsible for the sale and purchase of real estate in Bali but he is also responsible for the purchase of real estate in other areas of Indonesia. 

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